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JAVNI POZIV za prodaju putničkog vozila marke AUDI A6 QUATTRO

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For sale of passenger vehicle AUDI A6 QUATTRO, production year of 2014, chassis number WAUZZZ4G1EN168875, volume / engine power 2967/180, black colour, owned by the Municipality of Kotor with a starting price of 25.830,00 €.

   I. The subject of this Call is:
          Passenger car sale of the brand AUDI A6 QUATTRO, production year 2014, chassis number WAUZZZ4G1EN168875, volume /engine power 2967/180, black colour, owned by the Municipality of Kotor with a starting price of 25.830,00 €.

II. The offer should include:

- The exact name and address of the bidder, which should contain personal information:
1. For natural persons: name and surname, address of residence, ID number and ID card number;
2. For entrepreneurs: name and surname of entrepreneur, trade name and registration certificate in CRPS;
3. For a legal person: the head office of a legal person, proof of the registration, proof that a legal person is not bankrupt by a competent authority (for banks of the Central Bank of Montenegro and the rest of the Central registry of the Comercial Court) and proof that payment to a legal person has not been suspended , as well as evidence for physical persons, entrepreneurs and legal entities that they have met the tax obligations, that is, proof that there are no outstanding tax liabilities - a tax Administration act in whose area the head office is a legal entity, and for physical persons and entrepreneurs Act of Tax Administration by place Residence, evidence from the Local Government Secretariat for the local revenues and budget of the Municipality of Kotor to have no outstanding obligations towards the Municipality of Kotor based on the Local Revenue;

- Price quoted in euros (€);

- Stamp and signature of the authorized person for the companies and entrepreneurs, respectively signature of the bidders for physical persons;

- Obligation of the bidder to pay a guarantee deposit of 10% of the initial (minimum) purchase price of the PMV, since legal persons may instead deposit guarantee deposit on the first call on the guarantee deposit of 10% of the minimum ( Starting) the purchase price, with a validity period of 30 days;

- Payment of the guarantee deposit is made to the payment account of the Municipality of Kotor- Other Municipal Revenues No.530-9226228-85 at NLB Montenegro banka AD Podgorica, with the indication "FOR PUBLIC COMPETITION";

- Evidence of payment of the guarantee deposit or guarantee of the bank (legal entity), the bidder is obliged to submit with the Offer;

- Payment of 50,00 € for the costs of downloading the documentation by Public Call to Account No. 530-9226228-85 at NLB Montenegro banka AD Podgorica- other Municipal Revenues;

   All enclosed documents must be original or certified copies of the relevant authority and not older than 30 days after the date of the Public Invitation.
During the selection of the best bidder, the criterion will start with the most offered prices.

   Bidders are submitting Bids every working day from 8.00 to 14.00 hours until June 23rd , 2017 up to 14.00 hours, by direct submission to the Civic Bureau of the Municipality of Kotor, Stari Grad Kotor No.317.

  Interested bidders can view the subject matter of the Bid on each working day from 10.00 am to 11.00 am, upon prior notice to the authorized representative of the Secretariat for theProperty Legal Affairs.

  Interested bidders must submit the Bid in a timely manner so that they will be included in the Kotor Municipality protocol up to 14.00 hours until June 23rd, 2017.

  Tender Dossiers for Public Invitation the interested bidders or their authorized representatives may take over every working day from the authorized person on the premises of the Secretariat for Property and Legal Relations of the Municipality of Kotor from 8.00 am to 11.00am , beginning on June 9, 2017, with conclusion on June 23rd,2017 up to 11 00 am.

  Offer in a sealed envelope marked "For Public Bidding"; "Do not open"  according Public Call No. 01-6783 / 3. Each Offer should contain all the required evidence - original or certified photocopies).

  The public opening ceremony to which all bidders are invited will be held on June 23rd .2017 starting at 14.30 pm in the premises / meeting room of the Kotor Municipality, 2nd floor. The procedure of opening and evaluating the bids and the selection of the best bidder will be carried by Commission appointed by the President of the Municipality.

  The Commission shall, within the deadlines and under the terms set forth in the Public Call to open the Bid, determine the list of bidders, make a decision on the most favorable bidder, or declare a public call unsuccessful unless it has been notified by any bidders or for any other reason envisaged.


   In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Public Call will be repeated and the starting price will be reduced by up to 30% of the initial price from this Call. If the Public Call has been declared unsuccessful 3 times, the sale may be made through direct deals at a price lower than the above but the total price may not be less than 50% of the original price.

   Bids submitted after this deadline (untimely) as well as those that are not sealed will not be considered and will be returned to the bidder.
   An offer that does not contain all the evidence specified in the Public Call text is considered incomplete and will not be considered.
   The decision on the selection of the best bidder shall be submitted to all participants in the public bidding process and not later than 8 days from the date of the decision.
   Participants in the public bidding who are not satisfied with the decision have the right to appeal to the Commission within 5 days of the delivery of the decision. The Commission is obliged to decide upon the Objection within 3 days from the day of its receipt.
   The Commission's decision on the objection is final.
    The purchase contract is concluded on the basis of the decision on the selection of the best bidder and is signed by the President of the Municipality of Kotor, within 8 days from the date of delivery of the Decision.
Bidder is obliged to enclose proof of pre-paid purchase price at the conclusion of the contract.
In case the first-handed bidders withdraw from the bidding, the customer will activate his bidding limit, keep the deposit and contact the other bidder in accordance with the order of bids.
   The bidder whose bid is not accepted will be refunded after the conclusion of the contract with the best bidder ie the bidder whose bid has been accepted.

  Note: This Call will be published on the Kotor Municipality's WEB site
Contact person: Rašković Ivanka-Senior Counselor III, phone +382 67 810-634