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Internal revision service


The Internal Audit Department performs internal audit functions of all business functions within the competence of local self-government, in accordance with the international standards of internal audit and the ethical code of internal auditors in order to improve the business; assessment of the financial risk management system; preparation of the internal audit report submitted to the President of the Municipality; conducting a special audit at the request of the President of the Municipality and performing the audit and control of the use of EU funds; monitoring the implementation of the recommendations given in the reports from the previous audits; giving advice and expert opinions when introducing new systems and procedures; development of strategic and operational plans and work programs that are the basis for the implementation of the internal audit function as well as monitoring of their execution; preparation of periodical and annual reports on internal audit work; cooperation with the unit for central harmonization of financial management and control and internal audit in the public sector with the obligation to submit an annual report; cooperation with the state audit institution, international and domestic professional institutions and associations; education in accordance with international standards of internal audit; monitoring and implementation of the recommendations of the state audit institution and performing other activities in accordance with the Law and the Statute.

VD Manager: Nada Todorović, dipl.ecc