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Local government body

Secretariat for local revenue, budget and finances

The Secretariat for Local Revenues, Budget and Finance is in charge of preparing, analyzing, planning and drafting the drafts and proposals of the Budget of the Municipality, preparing the report on the implementation of fiscal policy for the current year and proposing guidelines on the basis of which the revenues and expenditures for the next year are planned, as well as many other jurisdictions.



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Secretariat for the development of entrepreneurship communal affairs and traffic

The Secretariat for the development of entrepreneurship communal affairs and traffic is in charge of drafting regulations in the field of entrepreneurship, tourism, agriculture, public utilities and traffic from the jurisdiction of local self-government and other areas within the scope of authority, in addition to other relevant activities.


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Secretariat for Urban Planning, Housing and Spatial Planning

The Secretariat for Urban Planning, Housing and Spatial Planning prepares and drafts drafts and proposals of decisions and other acts within the competence of the Secretariat adopted by the Assembly and organizes and participates in the public debate on the established draft decision.



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Secretariat for investments

Secretariat for Property Matters

Representation of the municipality and its organs in proceedings before competent courts and administrative bodies, in order to protect and exercise property and other rights and interests of the municipality, are only some of the competencies of the Secretariat for Property Matters.



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Secretariat of Culture, Sports and Social Activities

The tasks of the Secretariat of Culture, Sports and Social Activities invovle the managing relations and ensuring the implementation of laws and regulations in the area of culture, social and child care, sports, education, media, health, archival, library, publishing and other areas of social services in the scope of legal authority, and the extent of their importance for the development of municipality and the exercise of direct interest to the local population.


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Secretariat for general administration

Work Relations, Personnel Records, Local Communities, Archiving of Municipal Property and General Administration are one of the many tasks of the Secretariat for General Administration.









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Secretariat for the protection of cultural and natural heritage

Coordinates and participates in the harmonization of criteria and application of measures, regulations and guidelines that ensure the survival of Kotor on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List, as well as many other competencies related to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.


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Internal audit office

The Internal audit office performs common tasks of administrative- technical procurement for the needs of all local authorities in cooperation with the Procurement Officer, performs supply department and warehouse operations for administrative and technical functioning of the local administration and the Municipal Assembly.


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Municipal Police

The communal police performs tasks that include communal supervision and provision of communal order in accordance with the Law governing the field of utility services.








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Municipality Inspection

The Municipality Inspection performs inspection and supervision, ensuring the communal order by undertaking inspection measures and actions in accordance with the Law and other regulations.



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Protection Service

The Fire Department of Kotor was founded in 1867, and is one of the first fire departments in the area of ex-Yugoslavia. The company is active in all the fire fighting, life rescue and their property as well as humanitary acts for citizens in need.


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Internal revision service

The Internal revision service performs internal audit functions of all business functions within the competence of the local self-government.


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Department for public procurement

Manager of the Municipality