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Communal police will act in accordance with its powers in case if controlled entity of pets does not obey the cited regulations:

By Article 4 of the Decision is prescribed: It is not allowed keeping the pets on the balconies and terraces of buildings.

By Article 5 of the Decision is prescribed: The dog must be kept in a specially enclosed area or box - linked to the chain with length not less than 3 m, so that he can not threaten or disturb pedestrians and occupants of the building by barking. The dog holder shall immediately clean, wash and, if necessary, disinfect the common area in a building.

By Article 6 of the Decision is prescribed: Free movement of dogs is allowed in the following cases: when they are in specially marked and designated areas for this purpose and with the obligatory basket on the muzzle.

By Article 7 of the Decision is stressed: Performing and walking the dog on the premises shall be permitted with use of leash. The dog holder is required to carry supplies to remove dog faeces from public areas and he shall immediately clean the public area that pet pollutes.

By Article 8 of the Decision is prescribed: It is not allowed bring pets into public buildings, institutions, markets, cemeteries, playgrounds, swimming pools, public swimming pools, sports fields and in the other public areas with posted signs with a strikethrough dog character.


Citizens should comply with these provisions.


                                                                           COMMUNAL POLICE,  MUNICIPALITY OF KOTOR