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Improving energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kotor, Ms Marija Ćatović today has attended a conference in Bar, which officially marked the start of the project 'Improving energy efficiency through inter-municipal management network'. Partners in the project include the Montenegrin municipalities: Bar, Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Royal Capital Cetinje, Montenegro's Ministry of Economy, Local Energy Agency of Slovenia – GOLEA, NGO from France - Energy Cities, and realization is part of the Inter-Municipal Development Grant program.  

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kotor, Ms Ćatović welcomed the participants and supported the project stating: 'This project will fulfill the obligations of the law on energy efficiency and it will improve the cooperation between Montenegrin municipalities, with the aim of improving environmental protection. I am sure that the capacity and knowledge of managers of our municipalitieas will improve through the study visits and  exchange of the experiences. I sincerely hope that the results of this project will significantly contribute to establishing the basis for future cooperation on similar projects financed from EU pre-accession fund'.