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The Day of the Municipality of Kotor

The Day of the Municipality of Kotor

The Municipality of Kotor has marked today the Day of the Municipality of Kotor, in the Concert Hall of the Music School "Vida Matjan". During the formal session of the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor, the President of the Municipality of Kotor, Marija Ćatović and President of the Municipality of Kotor, Nikola Bukilica held the speach. This year, the traditional award "21st November" was assigned to the NGO "Šjore od mota", for outstanding humanitarian contribution to the citizens of Kotor, in the amount of two thousand. Galerija slika 

The past period was marked by significant projects: following works are ongoing: Construction of the pavement in Dobrota, distribution of the pipeline Vitoglav in Risan, roads on both sides of the road to the cemetery Sveti Ivan and public lighting in Orahovac. The project of the street to the school in Risan is also ongoing. The project of common plant for wastewater treatment for municipalities Kotor and Tivat is in progress. We are working on projects for the cable car Kotor - Lovćen - Cetinje and lift on the hill Sveti Ivan up to the fortress San Giovanni. This year Coastal invested another 412,000 euros in several projects: the reconstruction of the promenade in Prčanj, construction of sidewalks in Risan (from the Home of the blind to the gas station), and several interventions to repair the coast.

The Municipality of Kotor made conditions to develop a new part of the city with modern business and shopping centers. The facilities on that ground gave the possibility to employ over thousands of people. So, Kotor now is the part of the municipalities which have the lowest unemployment rate.

The representatives of the Touristic Organization were part of many fairs in Prague, Belgrade, Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw and Novi Sad, and also in Miami in fair of cruising tourism, where Kotor received the award from the renowned magazine ‘Insight’ as one of the best touristic destination.

Recent years Kotor fosters rich international cooperation, which gives to the city of Kotor and to Montenegro, in general, numerous benefits. This year, also, the Municipality participated regularly in wokrs of many international association: Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities, the Adriatic Euroregion and the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, the city bearers of peace, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, the Organization of World Heritage Cities, the Forum of Mayors of the Silk Road. Kotor is the first Montenegrin town who joined the Agenda 21 for culture, which connects more than 300 cities, local governments and organizations around the world.

The Municipality of Kotor is partner in 7 projects, which are implemented under the instruments of the pre-accession EU support. Projects are dedicated to the revitalization and promotion of the fortress on the Adriatic Sea, level of cooperation of the Adriatic Euroregion, sustainable mobility in coastal cities, alternative energy sources, improving energy efficiency through inter-municipal cooperation, local coalitions for development of the communities and learning system in pre-schools.