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The Municipality of Kotor as a part of the NETCET Network

The Municipality of Kotor as a part of the NETCET Network

Vice president Tvrko Crepulja signed a memorandum between Venice and Kotor which include the Municipality of Kotor in the Adriatic NETCET City Network. The aim of the Adriatic NETCET City Netwok is to raise citizens awareness of their role in  the conservation of cetaceans and sea turtles in the Adriatic. The Municipality of Kotor will point out the dangeres that threaten this endagered species and  will participate in the activities wich will be the direct reduction of risk for marine life. The  activities for Montenegro are presented by the representatives of the Institute of Marine Biology and the objectives of the project should achieve both,  the national and  international level. The representatives of  Municipality of  Kotor wiil be invited to partecipate in the final conference of the project, which will be held in Venice in july of this year. This seminar will take part in the workshop and will share their experiences  in order to plan the future project activities.